Maple Chipotle Ribs

with roasted garlic and onion

Pure maple syrup and zesty garlic deliver a one-two punch. Use this beautiful BBQ sauce to season and glaze baby back ribs or thick pork chops.  

Serves 4


2    pounds baby back pork ribs, OR 4 bone-in, 1¼” thick pork chops
1     pouch Red Fork® BBQ Sauce


1.    Coat pork with ½ of Sauce. Refrigerate up to several hours.
2.   Heat grill to medium hot. Move coals to side or turn off burners in center for indirect grilling. Grill pork covered, turning once until meat is nearly fork-tender, 50-60 minutes for ribs; 15-20 minutes for pork chops. Brush remaining sauce on both sides of meat. Grill until nicely glazed, 5-15 min.


For Oven: Cook in shallow nonstick pan at 350°, 60-70 min for ribs, 15-20 min for chops. Brush with sauce; cook 5-15 min more.