Sweet Hickory Bbq Chicken

with agave nectar and orange

This smooth, Southern-style BBQ sauce has a mellow flavor with hints of orange and agave. A touch of smoke and mild red chile transform grilled chicken or pork chops into an outstanding meal.  

Serves 4


2    pounds bone-in chicken pieces OR 1¼ inch thick pork chops 
1     pouch Red Fork® BBQ Sauce


1.    Season meat with salt in bowl or zippered plastic bag. Coat meat with ½ of Sauce. Refrigerate up to several hours.
2.   Heat grill to medium hot. Remove meat from marinade. Grill covered, turning once, until meat is nearly cooked, 25 to 30 min. Brush remaining sauce on all sides of meat. Grill until nicely glazed, 5-10 min more. 


Variation: Cook in nonstick baking pan at 375°, for 20-30 min. Brush with sauce; cook 5-10 min more.